Editorial Policy

The prime goal of the UHR/RHU is to be a vehicle for the exchange of information, theories, and techniques relating to the development of urban communities over time. The UHR/RHU is concerned with the historical development of urban Canada in a broad sense, with particular emphasis on the following:

* current research: work being done on Canadian towns and cities;
* future research: topics that need to be added to the research agenda;
* methodology: methods needed for studying urban places;
* sources: availability, reliability and interpretation of research materials.

As well as this, the UHR/RHU has 2 other major aims:

1. to bring together the various disciplinary perspectives that exist in the broad field of urban studies;
2. to publish non-Canadian material when it deals with comparative, methodological or historiographical issues or topics.

The UHR/ RHU publishes two categories of articles: articles that range in length from 6,000 to 10,000 words and shorter papers or research notes of 1,000 to 3,000 words. From time to time, theme issues will be published. Readers' suggestions for such issues are encouraged.

The UHR/RHU also welcomes material for the Notes and Comments section, such as reports on work in progress, thesis abstracts, conference announcements, information on recent publications, comments on urban policy (past and present), and notes on archival or other sources. Suggestions for book reviews or book reviews essays are also invited.

Instructions for submitting articles can be found on the "Guidelines for authors" page.

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