Welcome to the Urban History Review Web site.

Since 1972, the Urban History Review/Revue d'histoire urbaine has been the journal of Canadian urban history. Its mandate is to publish articles and research notes in either English or French which further our understanding of Canada's urban past.

This website gives an overview of the history and objectives of the journal, and information for contributors, and how to subscribe. It lists those who are on the editorial board.

The website also includes a comprehensive listing of contents since 1988, as well as abstracts (in English and French) for articles published in the latest issues.

This website also wishes to be a site of reference on urban history done in Canada as well as elswhere around the world.

You will find a list of useful links to other journals' sites, conferences and research groups. Please feel free to contact info@urbanhistoryreview.ca if you wish to add links to UHR's website.

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